New Zealand and its surrounding islands boast a distinct range of animals, consisting of many species that are native or endemic. If you’re an animal enthusiast, secure your New Zealand visa right away and witness the amazing fauna awaiting for you in the country. If you’re curious what these are, here are the top wildlife encounters you need to experience in New Zealand.

Cape Foulwind’s Seals

Tauranga Bay in Westport homes the most accessible seal colonies in the country. With a 10-minute walk from the carpark, you can reach the viewing platform and amaze yourself with hundreds of these cute animals. But while they are in the area all-year-round, it is advisable to visit from October to March. You can playful seal pups running around or witness the return of the bull seals for the mating season. 

Kaikoura’s Whales

Kaikoura sustains a prosperous marine food chain. No wonder that it entices many whale species, such as the Humpback whale, Sperm whale, Blue whale, Minke whale, and the Beaked Whale. See to it not to miss witnessing these fascinating creatures. Take a whale-watching cruise and see whales breaching, spyhopping, lobtailing or flipper slapping – indeed, a sight to behold.

Coromandel’s Wild Pigs

In the rural town of Coromandel, you’ll find a unique tourist attraction – a herd of wild pigs. The area serves as a home for dozens of them, coming from different colors and sizes. But, their number continues to grow as more adorable piglets are born day-by-day. You’ll see them lurking around as if they own the place. Don’t be scared of them, though! They are super-friendly, you can pet them or scratch their bellies. 

Muriwai’s Gannet Colony

If you’re fond of birds, make sure to visit Muriwai and see a large gannet colony nesting on the cliffs. More or less 1,200 pairs of Gannets go to these cliffs each year from October to February. They are most spectacular to look at during the sunset as they dart between each other. 

These are only a few of the fascinating wildlife encounters that await you in the country. Secure your New Zealand visa right away and experience them firsthand!