New Zealand will entail an Electronic Travel Application for tourists from countries that do not need visas starting October 1, 2019. You will have to pay for the Tourism Levy and International Visitor Conservation. With this new process, it will aid in reducing the time for border clearance, improves the assessment of the travelers, and strengthens the security.


Who Will Need It?

Visitors from visa waiver countries need to have a New Zealand eta whether via cruise ships, transit, and permanent residents of Australia.


When Do You Need to Request For An ETA?

You should request your New Zealand eta in advance for it’ll take 72 hours for the approval process, though some may take as fast as 10 minutes. Without a valid ETA, you won’t have the chance to board the plane.


How Much Will it Cost?

There are two ways to process the New Zealand ETA. You can do it through the NZ Immigration’s app or website. You will need to pay 9NZD for submissions via mobile app and 12 NZD for the site. It is valid for multiple visits and can last up to 2 years. You will also have to pay 35NZD for the Tourism Levy and International Visitor Conservation. So, you will need to prepare at least 46 NZD.


How Does the ETA Application Work?

New Zealand ETA is available online and is reasonably easy to process. All you have to do is enter your details, which includes your passport details and criminal history. Not only that it is cheaper, but it is also time-saving for it will just take you a few minutes to finish the form.


Is ETA a Visa?

First, let us know the definition of Visa. A visa is a confirmation on your passport that permits you to enter, stay, or leave the country for a specific period. On the other hand, ETA is something you can call an electronic visa, for:

  • Australia acknowledges it as a form of visa
  • While some said that it is not, for it is a requirement for people from visa waiver countries.

It depends on how the country perceives it. So, if you have any plans of going to the country, prepare your New Zealand ETA and enjoy your vacation!