The acronym ETIAS stands for EU Travel Information and Authorisation System. As you may have guessed, ETIAS was created and is being used for the safety of tourists. This applies to individuals who are allowed to tour and travel within Europe even if they lack a visa.


When Will It Take Effect?

The ETIAS will be formally launched in January in 2021. One problem being observed right now is that many people are concerned and possibly confused about how the ETIAS works. So authorities are trying to provide more information to clear up the confusion.

Assurance of Safety of Tourists

Tourists headed for Europe are assured that their travel will be less risky because of the ETIAS. It works by tracking travelers who intend to stay in Europe and checking if they are undesirable visitors. Those who are legitimate tourists will be able to move forward with travel plans for Europe.

What Happens to Undesirable Visitors?

Tourists who are not able to pass scrutiny under ETIAS will not be able to enter Europe. An undesirable visitor who fails ETIAS monitoring will not be permitted to travel through the European Union. If this happens to you, you will have to return to your country of origin even if you have a valid passport.

Who Can Afford To Pay for ETIAS?

Take note that the ETIAS is a mandatory travel document for all adult travelers who must pay for it to travel through Europe. If the tourist is a minor (even an infant) below 18 years of age then the ETIAS is given at no charge. The ETIAS has been under development for four years as of 2019. It applies to all travelers regardless of whether they are traveling for business or pleasure.

How Does ETIAS Affect Travel Plans?

Within a given timeframe of 180 days, the ETIAS will permit travelers to remain within Europe for 90 days. As soon as you receive your ETIAS and begin traveling officials will consider that the 90-day allowance has started as well. You may need to adjust to the ETIAS program but it will definitely make travel safer for legitimate tourists in Europe such as yourself.


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