A Simple Guide to Obtaining an Etias VISA

First off, the term “Etias VISA” is actually misleading because a visa is different from an Etias. A visa is a travel document that many countries outside the European Union are allowed to forego. That used to mean that if your country was in the list then you would not need to procure a visa for travel within Europe. An Etias is a travel document that will be required if you will be travelling to and within Europe starting 2021.


Why Get An Etias?

In today’s world, there are many people who would like to harm travelers. Some might call these criminals “undesirable visitors”. Whatever term you like to use, the point is that travelers now have to go through Etias processing before they can even enter Europe. This also applies to travelers who will be disembarking within Europe to catch a connecting flight. This helps weed out those people who could be terrorists so that legitimate tourists can stay safe.

Do I Still Need A Passport?

Yes, every traveler will be required to present a passport as well as an Etias when visiting Europe. The Etias itself can be processed online. You will only be filling up a form online for around 10 minutes before submitting it for processing. In some cases, a responsible third party may be allowed to fill up the Etias on your behalf, if necessary.

Why Is Etias Necessary?

Most travelers will probably pass Etias processing online. However, if the person being processed arouses suspicion he may be required to submit for further processing and investigation. A very small minority will probably be barred entry to Europe. This helps make travel safer within European countries.

Can I File An Appeal if I Fail Etias processing?

Travelers whose application to enter Europe has been denied are allowed to appeal the decision. But this means a delay in travel plans even if you will eventually pass re-processing. If you have nothing to hide, then it is possible to pass re-processing so you will be granted a valid Etias.

There is no such thing as an Etias visa but since the Etias is still a travel document then it pays to study how it works and whether you are required to follow it during your travels within Europe.


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