A Walkthrough on Your ETIAS Visa Application

Starting in 2021, residents of countries included in the list provided by EU Schengen Zone need an ETIAS visa to go to specific countries in Europe. The process of generating ETIAS is to reduce terrorism in the regions. Any person who is authorized to go to the Schengen Zone will be given 90 days to travel across the place.


What is ETIAS?

ETIAS means European Travel Information and Authorization System. It is required for residents of visa-free countries so that they can enter Europe freely. The government monitors its visitors by checking the authorization system.

Obtaining an ETIAS is more accessible and faster than processing a visa application. Before traveling to Europe, make sure that you have checked the list of visa-free countries. You can apply for the said visa, and its validity will last for three years. You can stay in Europe for at most 90 days. Then, you can travel again after 180 days.

Why Do You Need ETIAS?

Since you are not required to present a tourist visa in the immigration upon arrival, the only way that the government can ensure that you will not be settling in their country is through ETIAS. You shall determine your purpose of travel – whether if its for business or travel solely. This system aims to reduce the rates of illegal migrations.

How to Apply for ETIAS?

In your application, you need to provide accurate information. You need to state your main purpose for traveling. You will be given an application form, and you can answer it in around 10 minutes. See, it’s easy. You will see the required documents in the form. Make sure that your requirements are complete.

How Much Does ETIAS Cost?

Before submitting your application, you will be asked to pay for it. It does not cost that much comparing it with other travel necessities. An average ETIAS application can go to up to €7. Minors do not have to pay for it, but their parents should apply for them. After your payment, wait for a few days for your ETIAS to be processed.

You can speed up your application by preparing all the necessary documents for submission. Some companies can assist you in the process. Traveling in Europe might seem complicated, but all you need is patience because the system is for your safety.


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